Xiaozhe Yao (姚晓哲)

Xiaozhe Yao is a first-year doctoral student at DS3Lab, Systems Group, Department of Computer Science, ETH Zurich. With interests spanning from machine learning systems to self-learning databases, his long-term goal is to make machine learning automatic and accessible. He is an enginner, and he builds possibly cool stuff.

Prior to ETH Zurich, Xiaozhe Yao gained his Master’s degree at the University of Zurich in Data Science and Bachelor’s degree at Shenzhen University in Computer Science. He interned at Shenzhen Institute of Advanced Technology in 2016 where he investigated recommendation systems for food nutrition data. Since then, he has been working on machine learning and computer vision systems aiming to reduce the barriers to applying algorithms.

Between 2021 and 2022, he worked on the project AID as an Innovator Fellow at ETH Zurich Library Lab. The objective of AID is to support the application of machine learning algorithms by imitating a library. It provides a digital library for searching, filtering and inspecting machine learning models. It also enables developers to easily install and run machine learning algorithms within a few unified steps.


In inverse chronological order:

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Technical Reports

In inverse chronological order:

  1. Yao, Xiaozhe, Neeraj Kumar and Nivedita Nivedita. Slides/Implementing learned indexes on 1 and 2 dimensional data (Master Project 2021).
  2. Yao, Xiaozhe. ModelDB: Machine Learning Model Management (2020).
  3. Yao, Xiaozhe. Implementation of Naive Bayes Classifier (2020).
  4. Yao, Xiaozhe. Implementing Deconvolution to Visualize and Understand Convolutional Neural Networks, supervised by Prof. Dr. Michael Böhlen and Qing Chen (2020).
  5. Chen, Yingying, and Xiaozhe Yao. Knowledge Graph Embedding and OpenKE (2019).
  6. Chen, Yingying, Weijie Niu and Xiaozhe Yao. Diversity in Open Source Software Community and its Impact on Software Quality (2019).


  1. Master Thesis: Implementation of Learned Cardinality Estimation in Database Contexts, supervised by Prof. Dr. Michael H. Bohlen, Prof. Dr. Anton Dignös, Qing Chen.
  2. Bachelor Thesis: Face Detection with Multi-Block Local Binary Pattern in OpenCV, supervised by Prof. Dr. Shiqi Yu.

Work Experiences



I served as the teaching assistant at both Shenzhen University and Universität Zürich, for the following courses:


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